Stories surround downed building

Last week the building at Oak and Factory Streets was torn down, and there is so much to say about that, somehow.

If you’ve been following, you’re aware that a MedExpress will be built on the site. The building was most recently home to Layla’s and the Oak Street Antique Mall.

It should be noted that someone (not me) wrote in the newspaper that Viki’s at the Village was in the building that was torn down. Obviously, that is not the case, as I just listed the two businesses that were in the building. Viki’s at the Village is still alive and well in the building right next door, which was untouched.

Furthermore, I have some concerns about Layla’s. There was a burglary while the owner was in the process of moving out, and a large amount of kitchen equipment was stolen. I have been trying to get in touch with him, but to no avail. I don’t know if this incident will delay the reopening of Layla’s, but I’d call it a safe bet for the average person trying to run a small business, wouldn’t you?

The Venue coming to Markham Street

Greg Noble is among the first to take a leap of faith and invest in the future of Markham Street. He is going to open a special events center (called The Venue) in the former Cleo’s building, located right next to the former Conway Scrap Metal, which is in the process of being cleaned up and will be turned into a park with an amphitheater. Noble has a vision that, perhaps, people will want to get married at the park and then walk over to The Venue for their reception. I think that’s pretty forward-thinking of him. He plans to open in mid September and has his first event scheduled for soon after.

New antique mall

Recently I mentioned that a new antique mall was coming in where Butler Furniture Depot used to be. It turns out Mickey and Lisa Phillips, who operated a large flea market at Greenbrier for several years, are in charge at Touch of Heaven Antique Mall. They are renting booths and will open for business this week. The space has about 5,500 square feet.

Downtown business closing

I’m told The Warp and Woof is going out of business. If you’re one of their customers, go see them before they close for good.

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