Residents looking to check on inmates in the Faulkner County jail will now be able to find an inmate roster on the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office website, the sheriff’s office announced Wednesday.

The website, launched May 29, will now allow county residents to view photos and booking details for all individuals in the Faulkner County jail, as well as those released within the previous 48 hours.

The inmate roster can be found by logging onto, and clicking the green "Inmates" tab in the middle of the screen. After clicking the tab, viewers have the option to click "View All Inmates."

The inmate roster can also be found by clicking the yellow "Inmates" tab at the top of the screen, located next to the "Home" tab. After clicking the yellow tab, viewers have the option of viewing current inmates or those released within the previous 48 hours.

The website was developed by Brooks-Jeffrey Marketing, Inc., of Mountain Home, who specializes in the production of law enforcement and government websites.

For more information on the website, contact the sheriff’s office at 501-450-4914.