Conway police responded to a physical altercation at IHOP on Saturday morning.

Officers arrived at the restaurant, located in the 1100 block of Old Morrilton Highway, around 4:21 a.m., and observed a black female drag another black female from the restaurant.

Police said woman being dragged, identified as an 18-year-old Little Rock resident, then separated from the 19-year-old Conway woman, and attempted to run back inside while she yelled and screamed.

Officers made contact with the Little Rock woman, and unsuccessfully advised her to calm down. When she continued to resist officers, she was placed into custody, the police report states.

The woman told officers she instigated the incident after she felt another woman in the restaurant was flirting with her boyfriend. The Little Rock woman said she was "very verbal" with a group of women, whom she did not know, and did not become physical until after she was punched.

Officers spoke with the group of three females, who told police they were eating when the woman tried to provoke them. The group said the Little Rock woman was "cussing them and threatening them," the police report states.

When the woman struck one of the group members, they retaliated, according to the incident report. According to the group, there were others who left before police arrival, however, none of the group members would disclose their identities.

Two restaurant employees also stated the Little Rock woman approached the group, at which point the altercation began.

Police said according to surveillance footage, the Little Rock woman approached the group and was disorderly, however, she did not start the altercation, therefore, she was not arrested or charged.

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