Conway police are investigating a burglary at Papa John’s Pizza that resulted in the theft of approximately $35.

Officers arrived on scene of the pizzeria, located in the 200 block of Donaghey Avenue, around 7:19 a.m. Police found the back door of the business forced open, and several items on the floor and out of place.

Video surveillance showed a suspect force open a back door, walk toward a till drawer in the manager’s office and pry it open. Officers said the suspect also attempted to pry open a lobby cash register, but was unsuccessful. Police said the suspect left the store with the till drawer from the manager’s office, estimated by employees to have approximately $35.

Store employees said damage to the door and tills would be approximately $500 each. Detectives were able to obtain finger prints from a file cabinet in the manager’s office.

No suspects were named in the police report.

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