Among the incidents recently reported by the Conway Police Department:

• Shoplifting at 855 Salem Road

A Kroger employee reported that a man sneaked out of the store’s back door concealing $113 worth of steaks. Workers caught up with the thief and recovered the six cuts of meat while waiting for police to arrive. The shoplifter was arrested for theft and a warrant from another county and held on a $2,200 bond.

• Theft by deception

A Conway woman reported that she had been swindled out of $1,500. She said she saw a house for rent on a real estate website and emailed the person who said he was the owner. After a series of emails with the person, she agreed to send him a deposit and the first month’s rent via money gram. She later learned the house is owned by and is for sale by a Conway real estate company.

• Residential burglary on Rich Smith Lane

A Conway woman reported she was moving out of her residence when a 60-inch flat screen plasma television hanging on the wall was stolen. She reported all the doors had been locked and dead bolted. The television was valued at $2,000.

• Criminal mischief at 205 East Oak St.

A Conway woman reported that someone broke the back glass of her vehicle while it was parked at Taco Bell. She reported there were some children about 10 years old playing in the area and she suspected them of breaking the glass with a rock. Damage was estimated at $500.

• Theft on Robins Street

A Conway woman reported she was sitting at the ball fields on Robins Street when a man approached her and asked to use her phone. When she reached to get her phone, the man grabbed her iPad and ran away with it. The iPad was valued at $456.

• Bicycle theft on Keathley Drive

A Conway woman reported someone stole her Havoc 21-speed bicycle while it was outside her residence during the night. It was valued at $350.