Among the incidents recently reported by the Conway Police Department:

• Criminal mischief at 600 Fifth Ave.

Police were called to a fire at Fifth Avenue Park, where two eight-year-old boys apparently set a portable toilet ablaze. The Conway Fire Department put out the fire, but the portable toilet was completely destroyed. The children were found with two lighters. Police located adults responsible for the boys and released them into their care.

• Theft at 1155 Skyline Drive

An employee at Walmart on Skyline Drive reported that a man and woman switched the bar code on a $198 tool set with that of a $2.77 mallet and used the self-checkout to pay $2.77 for the tool set.

The same man later that day switched the bar code on a computer with that of a pocket T-shirt. The T-shirt was valued at $3.48, and the computer was valued at $898. The man attempted to pay with a gift card for the computer and a Mountain Dew, but the card was declined because of insufficient funds. He then paid cash and left.

• Motor vehicle theft at the 1600 block of East Oak Street

A Conway woman reported someone stole her 2000 Lincoln LS while it was parked at a residence on East Oak Street. The keys were locked in the trunk, which is why she left the vehicle there, she reported. It was valued at $4,500.

• Breaking or entering at the 1700 block of Calhoun Drive

A Computer Works employee reported that someone broke into his work vehicle and stole a computer, laptop, cell phone and other items totaling $1,315.

• Breaking or entering on Elizabeth Street

A resident reported she woke up to find her front door standing wide open. She went out to her car, which she left unlocked, and found her iPad had been stolen. It was valued at $500.