Among the incidents recently reported by the Conway Police Department:

• Breaking or entering on South Ash Street

A delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza flagged down a police officer who was driving by to report someone had broken into her car while she was delivering two pizzas. The woman who answered the door wanted to pay with a credit card, and so the driver had to go back to her car and left the pizzas with the woman at the door. At her car, the driver discovered her phone and wallet had been taken. When she got back, the door was locked and no one would answer it. Police entered the apartment and found it empty, but the description the driver gave matched a woman the police knew lived next door. They got permission to search the residence next door and found two warm pizzas in a closet. The driver saw the woman who lived at the second apartment but said it was not the woman who took the pizzas.

• Aggravated robbery at 100 Vine St.

A Conway couple reported Monday that they were driving east on Vine Street when they stopped at a stop sign on Third Avenue. A man approached them, pointed a pistol in the passenger’s face and demanded his money. The victims reported they quickly drove away, went straight home and called the police.

• Residential burglary on Sternwheel Drive

A resident reported Monday that someone took a pistol, change bag, wallet, and some cash from his truck while it was parked in his garage. Total value was $716.

• Theft at 2430 Sanders St.

An employee of Super 8 reported Monday that someone stole a steam cleaner, gas blower, linens and floor fans from the storage room of the motel. Total value was $2,900.

• Residential burglary at the 400 block of Second Street

A resident reported Monday that someone entered her apartment through a living room window and stole $500 that was hidden in a closet, her Arkansas ID and her Walmart debit card.