Among the incidents recently reported by the Conway Police Department:

• Criminal mischief at the 1300 Block of Torreyson Street

A resident reported Wednesday that her son punctured the tires of a vehicle belonging to a male guest. She reported her son has been causing trouble because he does not like that she is separated from his father. Damage was estimated at $100.

• Residential burglary on Trellis Way

A resident reported Wednesday that someone took a .25 caliber pistol, $10 cash and the garage door opener from his vehicle. He reported he closed the garage door but left his vehicle unsecured. The items stolen were valued at $260.

• Criminal mischief on Spencer Lake Road

A Greenbrier man reported Wednesday that someone vandalized his service trailer by dumping sand and water in the hydraulic reservoir, causing the pump to malfunction.

• Residential burglary on Martin Street

A resident reported Wednesday that someone broke into his home through the front window and stole a video game console, some games and his wallet. The intruder also apparently made an attempt to get in through a back window before gaining entry through the front window, he reported. Total value was $535.

• Theft at the 400 Block of Ingram Street

A resident reported Tuesday that someone stole her bicycle from in front of her residence. She reported the bicycle was not locked up and she did not know the serial number. It was valued at $80.

• Forgery at 3950 Dave Ward Drive

An employee of Murphy USA reported Tuesday that a man in a black truck tried to prepay for gas with two counterfeit $20 bills. The clerk immediately recognized them as fake and told the man he could not accept them, and the man left. Police took the bills into evidence.