A Conway man was arrested recently after Conway police and the Drug Enforcement Administration conducted a search of his home.

An officer with the Conway Police Department said the DEA in Little Rock and in San Francisco had been working together on an illegal distribution ring that involved both prescription drugs and other controlled substances, and one of the places the investigation led was to an address in Conway.

The United States Postal Inspector, in cooperation with the DEA, intercepted three packages addressed for 17 Raccoon Trail in Conway, and a search warrant was obtained to open them. According to a police report, Conway police were alerted that the packages contained prescription drugs and marijuana. U.S. Postal Inspector Mickey Schuetzle then delivered the packages in an undercover capacity, according to the report. Then officers secured a search warrant for the home.

The officer said "We have a narcotics officer who has a good working relationship with the DEA office in Little Rock, and they contacted us about the package. We’ve worked with them on several investigations."

On July 1, the S.W.A.T. Team and police department searched the house and brought a K9 officer to conduct a sniff. Conway police seized quantities of several drugs, including THC, a condensed form of marijuana; K2, a synthetic marijuana; MDMA, also known as "Molly," a form of ecstasy; DMT, a hallucinogen; mushroom chocolate bar; cocaine; LSD; Diazepam; and 2001 Xanax pills.

The officer said, "These are drugs we don’t normally find. These are all young college kid kinds of drugs. There have been several deaths in our area that involved Xanax. If we can take some of these — what people might consider the smaller drugs — out of circulation, it might save someone’s life."

Officers questioned and arrested Christopher Andrew Gibbins, 27, on suspicion of maintaining a drug premises, possession of meth or cocaine with intent to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police Chief A.J. Gary said, "The officers do a great job working with other agencies like DEA investigating criminal activity. Because of the violent tendencies of those involved in drugs the use of a highly trained SWAT team is necessary to ensure the safety of all involved, especially the citizens living around the drug dealers."

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