Among the incidents recently reported by the Conway Police Department:

• Motor vehicle theft at the 4000 block of Balmaz Street

A resident reported Sunday that someone stole his Kawasaki T-Rex ATV during the night. He reported he leaves the key in it, so someone probably noticed and took it. The vehicle was valued at $17,000.

• Criminal mischief at the 1000 block of Westlake Drive

A resident reported Sunday that someone had keyed her vehicle. The incident happened following a physical altercation with her boyfriend, and so she suspected him, she said. Damage to the vehicle was estimated at $400.

• Theft at 705 East Siebenmorgen Rd.

An employee of D & N Construction reported Monday that someone stole $980 in building supplies. The reporting person also said an ongoing problem with illegal dumping in the company’s trash container is costing the business money.

• Theft of services at the 200 block of Ash Street

A property owner reported Monday that he went to his vacant rent house on to do some remodeling and found an extension cord running from the back of his duplex to a neighboring house. Police made contact with the residents of the neighboring home, who said their power had been shut off and they were desperate. They promised to pay the property owner back when they received a paycheck.

• Motor vehicle theft at the 2000 block of College Avenue

Police took a report regarding a Shirley, Ark., man who drove himself to Conway Regional Medical Center in a 1989 Ford van on June 30. Family members checked on the van several days later, and it was missing from the parking lot. Police obtained security footage and saw two men stealing the van on the video. The van was valued at $1,500.