The National League of Junior Cotillions-Faulkner County Chapter director Susan Humphries recently announced the 2013-14 Advisory Board. Those on the board are Mrs. Matthew Adams (Ashley), Mrs. Marc Anderson (Jill), Mrs. Dennis Bramlett (Valery), Mrs. Brian Brown (Crystal), Mrs. Brad Burk (Nikki), Mrs. Ferrell Cato (Sara), Mrs. Chris Crain (Jennifer), Mrs. William Fisher (Mandi), Mrs. Rick Hart (Elizabeth), Mandy Johnson, Mrs. Brad Lindsey (Jennifer), Mrs. Scott Meek (Mandy), Mrs. Jamie Melton (Brooke), Mrs. Mike Murphy (Nancy), Mrs. Rick Newman (Kim), Mrs. David Passalaqua (Pele), Mrs. Scott Pelley (Laura), Mrs. Robin Prock (Paula), Mrs. Jason Rapert (Laurie), Mrs. Steve Scherrey (Angel), Mrs. Trevor Seifer (Jennifer), Mrs. Douglas Strange (Shelly), Mrs. Jimmy Toal (Andrea), Mrs. David Vint (Holly), and Mrs. Steve Wilson (Kim).

"I would like to publicly thank these wonderful parents for their positive support of the Junior Cotillion program," said Humphries.

The Junior Cotillion program begins its 21st season in September. Cotillion, which features etiquette and social dance training for sixth through ninth grade boys and girls, includes five classes and two semi-formal balls over a seven-month period, beginning in September. Emphasizing etiquette and self-confidence skills, topics taught include polite conversation, greeting skills, proper introductions, first impression skills, interaction in groups, receiving lines, paying and receiving compliments, acknowledgement of gifts, sportsmanship, table manners, telephone courtesy, coats and doors, and other areas of social behavior. Social skills and dance instruction are presented in a humorous way to keep the children’s interest.

"These skills will be invaluable in the young people’s futures. When training is complete these youth will be armed with the skills to handle social situations in their teen and adult lives with ease, poise, and self-confidence. Many graduates of this program talk about the advantage it gave them in obtaining college scholarships and jobs," said Humphries. "Self – confidence always increases when one knows the correct thing to do in any situation."

Registration for any interested sixth, seventh, eighth, or ninth grade child in the county area is being held now for the 2013-14 season.

"Membership is by invitation only. However, the purpose of the invitation is to make it special to the child; it is not to exclude anyone. With the new privacy laws and cell phones, it is becoming more difficult to obtain addresses. Therefore if a parent is interested, all that is necessary is a call or visit our website to give us the information," said Humphries.

For more information about the program, call Humphries at 501-262-5054 or go to the website