Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks,

For the rich bounty God hath bestowed,

We have a feast made ready,

For friends and family so dear.

For the rich bounty God hath bestowed,

For blessings throughout the year,

For friends and family so dear,

For freedom without fear.

For blessings throughout the year,

For things worth more than gold,

For freedom without fear,

‘Tis all our heart can hold.

For things worth more than gold,

‘Tis a treasured time,

‘Tis all our hearts can hold,

God’s gift so sublime.

‘Tis a treasured time,

We have a feast made ready,

God’s gift so sublime,

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks.

Thank You, Lord, For the ‘Good Life’

Dear Lord, thank You for the “good life,”

That You have given to me.

For this great country in which I live,

For being safe and free.

For the love of home, family and friends,

For a good roof over my head,

For plenty of food at our table,

For Thy daily bread.

For all the countless blessings,

That you send each day my way,

For all the grace notes of living,

That add sparkle to each day.

Thank You for saving my soul,

For that Old rugged Cross of Calvary,

For You forsook all the splendors of Heaven,

To come and from my sins to set me free.

Thank You for Heaven’s bright home,

Where I’ll spend all my eternity,

For you laying down Your life for mine,

To make “a good life” for me.


Thanksgiving should not be only for a...


All year thanksgiving should be daily


Each day of our lives God is, to come first

and be praised...

From youth in May ... to age—through...


Did you ever ... make a thanksgiving


Benefits listed—can never exhaust God’s


On paper with pen—would be so many


All God-given bounty—does stem from


Our sinful hearts—just can’t take it

all in;

It matters not what blessings we


Through God’s mercy—is where it did begin—

No self-righteousness as man may


Be one great or small—thanks should come

from all;

Not being deserving—does include the


Such little thought...never thankful as

we ought—

Yet, enjoying all God’s blessings—spirits

very bold.

We always come asking for this or the


Something more give ...never ever—


Please give me this... please give me


Daring to ask more ... in light of a


Thanksgiving for blessings ... gives God


Yet, little from us ... who do ask so


From time we’re young until heads all


Blessings do come ... when thanksgiving

is much.

Thankful Priase of Life

O give thanks unto God,

for He gave His only begotten son

to be born of a virgin, Mary.

O give thanks unto Jesus,

for he died on the cross

to save us from our sins.

O give thanks unto God and Jesus.

O give thanks unto God, our Heavenly Father

and Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour,

they love and care about everybody

no matter what color, where they live,

language, and denomination.

They are worthy to be praised.

They answer our prayers

according to their will for our life.

They want to see the best in life for everybody.

We can not live on this earth without God, Jesus Christ,

family, friends, and relatives,

(the Word of God) Holy Bible, the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit), and prayer.

Be thankful that we have God, Jesus Christ,

family, relatives, and friends that love and care about all of us.


I have food on my table

shoes on my feet a roof over

my head and a great family.

“Most of all Lord I have you.”

I have three daughters and one daughter-in-law

that can cook almost as good as me.

Three sons-in-law that laugh at my jokes. A son that comes over when things are not broke.

He will work all day for food - some of my fried chicken.

“Most of all Lord I have you.”

A husband that makes me coffee each day.

Nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren eat my chicken and dumplins.

They think I invented the recipe. They like it very much.

“Most of all Lord I have you.”

A preacher that preaches the truth from the Bible and lets us out at noon.

A Sunday School teacher named Mrs. B. asks about me when I am not there.

Friends and teachers pray if I am sick.

Thankful for my bone doctor for all my bones that don’t work,

and my trigger finger that needs a shot in it.

“Most of all Lord I have you.”