Holders of winning lottery tickets valued at more than $500 can choose to mail their tickets in to receive their winnings or can drive to the Little Rock Claim Center, Union Plaza at 124 West Capitol Ave. The center is in the same building as other lottery offices.

The winners who drive more than 50 miles to the Little Rock Claim Center from within the state of Arkansas can be reimbursed for mileage. They will need to show proof of their address.

The second option would be to mail the ticket to Scholarship Lottery at P.O. Box 3838, Little Rock, Ark. 72203. 

Julie Baldridge, director of Public Affairs and Legislative Relations for the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, said the Little Rock Claim Center is open and staffed. 

"It is operational and ready to go," Baldridge said. 

The regional claim offices will be located in Jonesboro, Camden and Springdale. 

Baldridge said the sites in these cities are being assessed through the state leasing process. Two of the three sites have been selected, but are not yet leased. Before the offices can be leased, the state has to inspect the building and negotiate for a lease. If the rent is too high, Baldridge said the state will not recommend leasing the building. 

Each location will have to have a special door lock and transaction windows. The locations cannot be close to schools or churches.

Baldridge said mailing tickets is "just like mailing cash." If tickets are lost, there is no way to recover the ticket. She recommended that people send lottery tickets just as they would important documents.

"Attorneys and bankers send important documents by certified mail," she said. 

She added that tickets that are signed can only be cashed by the person who signed the tickets.

Another thing to remember about winning tickets is that they have a period of time for which they are negotiable. 

Baldridge described a voided ticket she was looking at was only good for 90 days, meaning that a person has that length of time to claim his or her winnings.