A Conway man was escorted by police from his place of business Friday morning and was later arrested after allegedly threatening to "come back after lunch with two guns and shoot some people," according to a report released today.

The report, written by a Conway Police Department officer, states that a Hewlett-Packard manager instructed officers to escort 27-year-old Ryan Patrick Williams of 109 Griffith St., Conway, out of the business and advised the officers that Williams would not be working there anymore. The officers found him working at his at his desk and asked him to step outside with them, according to the report.

"While outside Williams was asked what he had said that would be considered threatening," the report states. "He stated that he was joking around with a couple of co-workers and could not remember exactly what he had said ... but he did state (that) he said something about ‘shooting.’"

Williams left the property as instructed without further incident, and the officers advised managers and those Williams had allegedly threatened of the warrant process. An officer was later given a statement written by an employee stating that over the course of an hour-long business presentation Williams had talked about "someone telling on him for coming in late and said that they were going to pay after work."

"(This witness) said that he (alluded) to the fact that he was going to kill people," The officer wrote in his report, summarizing the written statement. "(Williams) told her he would come back after lunch with two guns and shoot some people. She said he stated the names of (three employees) and then told her that if she was the snitch that she could choose to live or die. He said she could choose between being skinned or fingers pulled off. (This witness) stated that as random people would walk by (Williams) would nod at them and say them also."

The 20th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney’s office was notified of the threat early Friday afternoon, and the decision was made there to dispatch 20th Judicial District Drug Task Force officers to help locate Williams as quickly as possible.

"There was a level of cooperation" between his office and CPD, district prosecuting attorney Marcus Vaden said, and using information gathered by CPD, his drug task force officers were the first to locate Williams when he arrived at his residence Friday afternoon and these officers made a probable cause arrest there.

Because drug task force officers made the arrest, they will continue the investigation. 

According to Vaden, HP security guards were posted at entrances as a precaution on Friday, and further security measures there are being discussed by HP officials.

Williams was arraigned on Monday on three counts first-degree terroristic threatening. Deputy Prosecutor Susan Weaver asked Circuit Judge David Reynolds to set a $50,000 bond. Williams’ attorney Monday, Toney Brasuell, who Weaver said she understood to be standing in for William "Bill" James Jr., principal of the Little Rock-based James Law Firm, asked the court to set a bond of under $10,000 or allow Williams to be released on his own recognizance, as his client intended to stay with his parents in Pulaski County and there was "nothing to indicate" that Williams would return to the Conway HP facility or any other.

Weaver told the court that Williams’ criminal history included only failure to appear for traffic violations, but that a failure to appear for a minor infraction could indicate his inclination to skip proceedings relating to this incident.

Reynolds said that he was more concerned that Williams "not show up where he’s not supposed to be or do something that he’s not supposed to do," than whether he would show up for court proceedings and set his bond at $15,000 subject to a no-contact order including all HP employees and HP facilities and the fitting of a GPS electronic monitor by which authorities could track his whereabouts.

An official statement sent by a HP spokesperson reads: "The safety of HP employees is always of paramount concern. In this instance, HP terminated the individual’s employment and is working closely with local law enforcement."

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