Conway police arrested and held a suspect Monday morning in the grisly murder of a Little Rock woman — after the suspect went ahead and clocked in for the first day of work at his new Conway job.

At about 4 a.m., four Conway Police Department officers and a CPD sergeant went to the Conway Human Development Center, where Little Rock Police Department information indicated that 39-year-old murder suspect Terry Billups may have been headed. A LRPD arrest/disposition report lists Billups' address as 1921 Burnelle Drive, Little Rock, while the CPD incident reports lists his address as 8904 Pinoaks Lane, Pine Bluff.

A CHDC supervisor told the officers where they could find Billups on the CHDC campus, and he complied with an officer’s order to “stop and don’t move” when approached, according to a CPD report released on Monday morning.
“Billups asked, ‘What’s this about?,’” after being read his Miranda rights, according to the report, and an officer told him that he’d have to wait until LRPD arrived to collect him to get his answer.

According to LRPD public information officer Lt. Terry Hastings, Billups and his girlfriend, 35-year-old Briticia Walters, “got into an argument and he stabbed her in the throat and killed her” in her bedroom at some time before 1 a.m. this morning at Walters’ home at 4215 West 18th St., Little Rock.

According to Hastings, Billups stuffed Walters’ 7-month-old son between the mattress and a wall and “covered him up with clothes” before driving Walters’ car to Conway to start his new job.

The child and the body of his mother were found in the bedroom by LRPD officers responding to “check condition” call at the residence shortly after 12:35 a.m. before any serious physical harm occurred to the child, according to a LRPD incident report. A news release issued by LRPD states that it was the victim's aunt who called authorities after finding her niece "covered in blood ... with several stab wounds to the neck." This release, prepared by Hastings, states that Billups "was responsible for the homicide."

When asked why Billups was identified as a primary suspect, Hastings said that he wouldn’t go into detail, but said that “he still had on bloody clothes when we arrested him.” Billups wasn’t under the influence of any narcotics “that were evident” to LRPD officers, Hastings said.

Billups was being held on Monday morning at the Pulaski County Detention Center on suspicion of capital murder, theft of property (relating to taking of Walters’ car) and endangering the welfare of a minor.