The staff of the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission has requested an emergency meeting for Friday morning to call for the shutdown of all injection operations at two wells in Faulkner County.

The staff is asking for a commission order requiring

Chesapeake Operating, Inc. to immediately cease all injection operations in its SRE 8-12 1-17 SWD Well in Sec. 17-T8N-R12W located off Highway 285 at Woolly Hollow. Clarita Operating LLC to immediately cease all injection operations at its Wayne L. Edgemon No. 1 SWD Well in Sec. 6-T7N-R12W in Guy off Highway 25. The application will be heard by the AOGC at a special hearing at 10:30 a.m. Friday at the Arkansas Game and Fish Commision, 2 Natural Resources Drive, Little Rock.

A six-month moratorium was established in January on the drilling of new injection wells in the area to allow time to study the relationship -- if any -- between the injection wells and earthquakes in the area.

Shane Khoury, AOGC deputy director and general counsel, said Wednesday that preliminary studies show a potential correlation between earthquakes and injection activity at one or both of those wells.

Scott Ausbrooks, geohazards supervisor with the Arkansas Geological Survey, said he has been providing AOGC with data since the moratorium and will present his findings at the commission meeting on Friday.

Chesapeake and Clarita are two of four companies operating already-drilled injection wells: SEECO Inc., and Deep-Six Water Disposal Services LLC are the others.

A quake measuring 4.7 was felt throughout the state and beyond at 11 p.m. Sunday. It’s been officially declared the largest quake in the area in 35 years.

More than 25 quakes have been recorded in the Guy-Greenbrier area this week.

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