An Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission hearing on injection operations in two Faulkner County injection wells originally scheduled for March 29 has been moved to April 27, the AOGC announced Thursday.

The meeting will take place as a short procedural hearing for the Commission to accept a continuation of cessation of injections at the two wells owned by Chesapeake and Clarita Operating.

Shane Khoury, deputy director and general council for the AOGC, said that the request for a continuance was presented by both companies.

"Our application was going to be a further cessation order," Khoury said. "Both companies requested a continuance and we were OK with that because the wells will remain shut."

Khoury said he did not know why the companies wanted the continuance until the April hearing.

"We agreed to the continuance contingent upon their keeping them shut down. They basically gave us part of what we wanted," Khoury said.

A six-month moratorium on new injection wells in Faulkner County took effect in January to allow time for the Arkansas Geological Survey to study the relationship between a recent spike in seismicity and injections.

At the beginning of March, and following a record 4.7 earthquake in the area, AOGC staff requested in an emergency meeting for the shutdown of all injection operations at the two active wells.

Scott Ausbrooks, geohazards supervisor with the Arkansas Geological Survey, said that he will present the agency’s inconclusive data at the April hearing.

"I’m going to present our data and research," Ausbrooks said. "Research will continue to be ongoing."

A period of perceptively lower grade earthquake activity was interrupted Thursday at 12:59 p.m., when a 3.0-magnitude event was recorded one mile north of Greenbrier.

The 3.0 event is the highest to be recorded in one week, with other events registering between 1.5 and 2.6 on the Richter scale.

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