Walmart on Dave Ward Drive in Conway helped 10 teachers on Sept. 15 continue to dedicate their time and money to the future of youths. Ann Watson Elementary teachers were rewarded through Walmart’s Teacher Reward program with the purchase of much-needed classroom supplies. Through the Teacher Reward program, local Walmart stores, Distribution Center and SAM’s club locations across the U.S. are eligible to select one local kindergarten through eighth grade public school and provide $100 reward cards to 10 teachers from the selected school. Winning teachers are able to use the funds to purchase items for their classrooms such as paper, folders, binders, clipboards, pens, pencils, crayons and markers. Those present for the presentation were Teo Alderson, Walmart assistant store manager; Kadye Williams, fourth-grade teacher; Jessica Branch, kindergarten teacher; Sara Morgan, art teacher; Debra Morse, librarian; Anita Tilley, fifth-grade teacher; Kendra Wildschuetz, third-grade teacher; Tiffany Glover, second-grade teacher; Darra Mankey, special education teacher; Jill Blair, fifth-grade teacher; and Julianna Yeatman, counselor. SUBMITTED PHOTO