Suspicious circumstances, 500 block of Skyline Drive.

Officers responded to a business in the area when they were contacted by officials with the Barling Police Department who advised that a 16-year-old boy  was at the location and should be held until his parents arrived. When the officers arrived at the business, the boy stated that he had gone to Little Rock with his girlfriend’s relatives and was allowed to go as long as he got back home in time for school on Tuesday. The boy told the officers that they had been on their way back home when they stopped in Maumelle to get some food. After they left the restaurant, he was driving the vehicle and stated that the police chief in Barling called to talk to the men inside the vehicle. The boy stated that he overheard someone mention drugs and when he stopped at the Conway exit, both men exited the vehicle and fled the scene. The boy stated that he had called his mother immediately and his parents were on their way to get him. The boy was released to his parents and the vehicle was towed.