The brother of a man that has been missing since 2008 said that he is not sure if there is anything to the story a Faulkner County inmate is telling about where his brother’s remains are buried, but he is appreciative that law enforcement officers are investigating the lead.

Roger Glasgow, brother of John Glasgow, who was last seen leaving his home on Jan. 28, 2008, said that his family has been given many false leads over the years since John’s disappearance and he is not sure if there is anything to the story that John Brawner is telling various media outlets.

"I don’t know that I’d believe his entire story, but if it is good enough for law enforcement officials to look into it, it’s good enough for me," he said. "I’m not sure there is anything to this story but I appreciate that law enforcement is still working to give our family some closure."

According to officials with the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Department, Brawner made contact with a reporter, stating that he had knowledge of where John was buried because he had been called the night John went missing to help bury him.

Brawner denies any part in John’s murder, but has given investigators information as to a site where the body could be found.

Glasgow confirmed that when investigators checked the site they did not find any evidence of a body but are bringing in advanced sonar equipment that can detect a mass beneath the ground to search the area again.

"The worst case scenario is that John has been murdered and we find his body," Glasgow said. "Of all the ways this could have turned out, that would definitely be the one we weren’t hoping for. However, if his remains are recovered, I would hope that a perpetrator would be brought to the full measure of justice for his murder."

John Glasgow was the CEO of CDI Contractors and was reported missing when he did not show up to work. His vehicle was found a few days later at Petit Jean State Park.

According to Maj. Andy Shock with the FCSO, it is not uncommon for inmates trying to negotiate a lighter sentence to offer information on unsolved cases to try to acquire a better deal.

"We can’t be so close-minded as to ignore something like this," he said. "We will cooperate in any way with other law enforcement agencies investigating unsolved cases, but this is fairly common practice for criminals wanting to work a deal for a lighter sentence."

Investigators in Conway County believe Brawner was involved in an attempted kidnapping in Menifee in 2009. He pleaded guilty to robbery and was sentenced to prison for a few months.

A year later Brawner was in custody again for stalking his ex-wife and for violating the order of protection she filed against him. He remains in the Faulkner County Detention Center and is not eligible for bond at this time. His next court date is scheduled for March 8.

Brawner’s attorney, Frank Shaw said that he has known that his client has had information about a body since 2009 but has not been able to say anything about it until his client authorized him to do so.

"My client told me that he knew where a body was buried but would not authorize me to discuss it until recently," he said. "I have known about it but have not been able to speak to the media about it until now. I wish the story hadn’t broken now because I don’t want to impair the investigation in any way."

Shaw said that at his client’s trial for the stalking charge on which he is being held in Faulkner County, Brawner’s ex-wife told the court that he had told her that he had helped bury a body in Little Rock. Shaw also confirmed that Brawner passed a polygraph test concerning his involvement in burying a body, but was not asked specifically if the body was the of John Glasgow.

"The examiner who administered the test to my client told me that Brawner easily passed the test," he said. "However, the questions posed to Brawner were about a body being buried, they did not ask specific questions about the identity of the body."

After speaking with officials with law enforcement agencies about Brawner’s information, Shaw said that while he does not know if the body is that of Glasgow, he does know that Brawner has a track record of providing accurate information to prosecutors, citing the information Brawner provided that led to the arrests of members of the group involved in the kidnapping of a Menifee man in 2009.

Shaw said that at this point, everything he knows has been shared with law enforcement officials and that his client is working with officials to help recover the body.

Cody Hiland, prosecuting attorney for the Twentieth Judicial District said that he is doubtful that Brawner’s information is accurate and is focusing on the upcoming sentence hearing.

"We are concerned with what he did in Faulkner County," Hiland said. "We have a sentencing hearing coming up and it is our goal to see to it that Mr. Brawner gets as much time in the Arkansas Department of Correction as possible. I suppose there may be a body somewhere, it is possible. However, it sounds like a fanciful tale of a criminal through his attorney, looking to leverage supposed information on the whereabouts of a body into a better sentence relating to his most recent conviction. I guess we’ll see but I’m not holding my breath."

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