The mystery surrounding the investigation that took place at Duncan Outdoors, Inc on Tuesday may have been partially explained.

According to owner Gary Duncan, a group of Internal Revenue Service agents arrived at his business and advised that they were going to search the sales records of items sold. Duncan stated that he did not know the agents were coming and that he still doesn’t have a good understanding as to what they were looking for.

“They stormed in here and pilfered through my store and told me they were checking my record of cash transactions,” he said. “They did not tell me what they were searching for or what they found. They told me they were just gathering the information and would be turning it over to other investigators.”

Duncan said that he did not appreciate the way the situation was handled and is worried about how it will affect his business.

“I believe that they (the agents) have done this to other businesses in the state and why we were selected, I don’t know,” he said. “However, I believe it was handled poorly. My employees were run off and not told what was going on and I do not like the implications this has on my business. My wife and I have worked for 30 years to build this business and I don’t want to see it ruined by something like this.”

Duncan declined to comment any further on the investigation, but a customer that contacted the LCD on Wednesday stated that when he tried to get inside the business on Tuesday that a federal agent greeted him at the door and advised that they were serving a federal search warrant and that he could come back to the business on Wednesday.

David Stell, a spokesperson for the IRS offices in Arkansas and Oklahoma, said that there are many reasons why an agent may contact a business owner but would not elaborate as to what some of the reasons might be.
“IRS employees in positions of civil and criminal enforcement routinely contact tax payers for various reasons,” he said. “However, the law prohibits me or any IRS employee from discussing tax matters of any individual or tax entity.”

Local law enforcement agencies have confirmed that they have not been made aware of the investigation before the search and have not been notified of any findings since the search.

To date, no law enforcement agency has indicated who or what entity is the target of the investigation.