A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture  April 7, 2011. Evacuation orders were issued for hundreds of homes along the northeast coastline.

Dr. Quentin Washispack recruited a team of 6 people to travel to the city of Ishinomaki to help with tsunami relief. The team consisted of Scott Thone, Josh Hetzel, Melanie Goss, Rachel Henry, Jessica Serfaty, and Washispack.

The team arrived in Tokyo on Sunday, Jan. 15 and traveled 6 hours north to the Miyagi area on Monday, Jan. 16. Then on Tuesday through Friday they worked with Samaritan’s Purse on two homes that were flooded by the tsunami. They removed flooring and walls and then powered washed the stud walls and floors, and sprayed the wood with bleach to prevent mold from returning.

On Saturday, Jan. 21, the team joined with Andy Gilbert from ReachGlobal and made a huge soup. While the soup was cooking, they played bingo with 99 tsunami victims. Over 30 prizes were award to the bingo players. Some of the prizes were hats, shirts, and lunch bags donated by Angela Conrad, Inc from Conway.

Dr. Washispack stated, "Our goal was to help the tsunami victims recover their homes and to share the love of Christ with these people. Japan is the largest unreached people group in the world with 127 million people and less than .5 percent Christians. One of the tsunami victims reported that all the relief organizations have left and the only people helping now are the Christians."

Dean Bengton, a missionary to Japan, reported to Dr. Washispack that he has been in Japan for 24 years and he has never seen the people of Japan respond to the gospel the way they have after the tsunami.

For more information on how you can participate in future Japan mission trips, contact Washispack at doctorqjw@gmail.com.