A prosaic kind of cookbook it is not; rather it is a publication that suggests a healthful way of life through good eating based on the expertise of nutritionist Kellie Dye. 

Her cookbook, "Delicious Recipes for Managing Your Weight," is unlike the host of the genre crowding the shelves of bookstores and various venues. 

With her characteristic sense of honesty, insight and knowledge, Kellie Dye explores in her new book the world of food and how it relates to wonders of good nutrition. Based on years of experience and research, Dye, a registered dietician who is a weight management expert at the Conway Regional Health and Fitness Center, has brought forth a work that allows people the opportunity to embrace new visions of themselves by virtue of sensible eating. 

It embraces many delicious recipes, certainly, but the core of the book relies on "managing your weight". Her assurance that "It is possible to eat real food and manage your weight" is the foundation of her publication.

This management is based on the verity of conditioning people by the means of assuring them of the truth that eating healthy doesn’t mean eating bland, fat free, boring food.

Dye’s work is linked to the premise that eating should be a positive, enjoyable experience that involves delicious food without guilt or remorse. "It is totally possible to eat healthy and eat delicious food at the same time; it also is possible to eat real food and manage your weight," she writes.

The necessity for healthy living through healthy eating is paramount if people hope to overcome the influence of affluence and a sedentary life caused by modern day living. The people who read the warranty and follow it are the ones who live productively and longest, she suggests. 

And reading the warranty simply means eating healthily.

Her tidy, little book has been 15 years in the writing, says Dye. "As a registered dietician, I never grow tired of the subject of food. I love to cook just as much as I love to eat", she maintains. She cooks for her family every day - husband and young child, and follows this precept without fail.

The book includes items as creative as Baba Ghanoush (eggplant dip) and Salmon Florentine to the basic Potato Skins and Mexican cornbread. Filtered among the tempting recipes are such additions as helpful tips, pantry basics, herbs and spices, measurements and substitutions and an equivalency chart, plus cooking terms.

"Many things have inspired this book," she says. "My nutrition clients and our very successful  weight management support groups and  have provided inspiration and even some of their own recipes." 

She says her weight management  groups offer participants a chance at a healthier lifestyle—DeAnna Smith, a weekly participant in a support group, has lost 145 pounds; "This is doing it in the real world. I don’t have to eat special things, or take a magic pill, and eating only this or that. I have learned to lose weight and still do everything a normal person does each and every day," she attests.

Dye is a graduate of the University of Arkansas. She completed her dietetic internship at the University of Arkansas For Medical Sciences. She worked six years as a clinical nutritionist specializing in renal dialysis/kidney transplant, geriatrics and gastric bypass surgery nutrition.

 During her 17 years at the fitness center, Dye, has written for newspapers and magazines on the subject of weight management, given many public presentations and has made regular TV appearances, all devoted to a mission to encourage people to feel positive about food.

Her cookbooks are available at the fitness center for $15 per copy.