GREENBRIER — Dad Troy and two sons, Jacob and Chase Landry, better known as the "Swamp People" — were a huge success at the Greenbrier Outdoors Expo held in the Greenbrier City Event Center.

It was standing room only, and a line wound throughout the whole gymnasium just to get an autograph and say a few words to the popular trio from the hit show "Swamp People" that airs on the History Channel. One dad, standing in line waiting for an autograph, laughingly said, "They’re good lookin’ boys, and they ‘rassle’ alligators! I have two teenage daughters, and alligators are not nearly as scary as raising them."

More than 2000 tickets were sold by noon for the expo that included about 45 vendors displaying everything from motor oil for your boat to lollipops for kids. Young and old were there to seek out their favorite outdoor pleasures like hunting, camping, fishing, and television star ogling. By noon the Landrys had signed over 1,000 autographs, all with a few words, a smile, and in some cases, even a quick hug.

Chase Landry said their television show has been going for about three years, but they have been swamp people all their lives.

"We wouldn’t have it any other way", he smiled.

The average wait to get their autographs was about 45 minutes.

"We started trying to get the Landrys here about a year ago, and it has been a huge success," said Shellie O’Quinn, director of the Greenbrier Event Center.

Outside the Event Center was the Arkansas Game and Fish 1,500 gallon mobile aquarium brought for kids to press their noses upon the glass to see fish. Food vendors selling everything from barbeque to mud puppies held the attention of almost everyone during the hot day.

With temperatures approaching the upper 80’s, bounce houses across the street were kept busy with kids who did not care about the temperature.