Fueled by almost 1,000 Twitter followers at midday Tuesday, the West Conway Bear has demanded an apology from Conway mayor Tab Townsell.

A Twitter account was created Monday night for the black bear who was shot down from a tree with a tranquilizer gun into a bouncy castle and escaped unharmed.

"This is getting out of hand," said the bear tweet. "Add a written apology from Tab Townsell to my list of demands. Or get ready for#WestConwayBearforMayor.

The Log Cabin sought the bear's comment through a Twitter message. He responded, "On advice of my counsel, Frank Shaw, I can respond to media inquiries via Twitter DM (direct messaging)."

As of early Tuesday afternoon, Townsell had not returned phone calls for comment.

There was an explanation for the bear's sudden appearance in Conway in the list of tweets. "I came here for college girls, public schools and TJ Maxx. I am now getting followed by rednecks and snipers."

He listed as his likes: parks, Stoby's cheese dips, roundabouts. Dislikes: urban sprawl, cats. Conway wasn't too big or too small. It was just right."

Other tweets from the bear on the @WestConwayBear Twitter feed:

"Totally owned some grade schoolers at tetherball this morning. Now off to the woods to talk to a man about a dog."

"I'm gonna need an agent. Thinking Jimmy Sexton or whoever Joey the Garden Cat uses."

"Can somebody throw an extra battery up here. Gonna be a long night."

"Went to Shipley's this AM for coffee and a doughnut. They still sell bearclaws?!? NOT COOL! Got a kalachi for the road though."

"I wonder how veterinary tranquilizers work with Diet Mountain Dew and cheese dip."

"As soon I get 1,000 followers, I'm headed to Fletcher Smith's Jewelry to get a gold chain with a blinged-out '1K' pendant."

"Apparently, sheriff's deputies thought it would be funny to 'shame' me with Sharpie while I was passed out. Grow up guys."

"If I'm not out of custody by Friday, my hologram will perform at Toad Suck Daze."

"The cops want to shoot me. Fire Department says I'm too big for their cat getter-downer and 75 townies are below cheering my name."

"Sooo that was a train tunnel. Not a cave. Wow.#earsringing."

"You ever had that dream where you're falling and then you wake up with a dart in your butt?"

"The last time I got drugged by a game warden, I woke up in a trailer wearing a nightgown."

"Everybody needs to chill out. It's not like I'm running around sucking people's toes."