A woman who followed a restaurant employee around town was arrested for disorderly conduct by Conway police.

Police responded to a disturbance at On The Run gas station on 550 Skyline Friday night after people saw a woman in one car pull up to another car and begin to yell at the man in the other vehicle. When police arrived, they spoke with the man, who said he came in contact with the woman while she was a customer at Los Tres Portillos. He said that she had been following him and that she wanted to have sex with him. At one point, he said he turned her request down and she began to harrass him.

The woman admitted to following the man around town, but she said she had been "ripped off" by the restaurant. She claimed that she always received poor service and that the restaurant was involved with the "Mexican Mafia." She became more upset as the conversation with the officer continued.

The woman was arrested for harrassment and disorderly conduct, but she became so irate that she was placed in a cell before mug shots could be taken. While in the cell, the woman began removing articles of clothing as a means of taunting the jail staff. Mug shots were unable to be taken because of her state of nudity.