Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• The owner of a Conway McDonald’s contacted police on Wednesday to report that one of her general managers, a 28-year-old Conway woman, had stolen money from the store. According to the police report, the owner said the woman had taken cash from the business deposit and placed a check on her personal account in its place. The check returned from the bank as insufficient. When the owner spoke to the woman, the woman reportedly told her the check was placed in the deposit because she had been a victim of identity theft and she had to cancel her debit cards. The woman said she needed money to pay bills, so she took the money and placed the check into the deposit as repayment. The woman told the owner she didn’t know why the check did not go through, and she would have her husband put additional money into the bank so the check would clear. When the check was redeposited, it was returned a second time. The incident was then turned over to the Director of Operations, who told police the check issue was a violation and they were investigating the incident when the company found a missing deposit through an internal review of the accounting records. It was determined that the deposit went missing on a day the woman was on duty. When police questioned the woman about the missing deposit, the woman told police she prepared the money drop for her shift on Oct. 2 and then found that there were four other deposits in the safe that had not been deposited. The woman said she put the deposits in a black tote-style bag belonging to her, and then carried them to her vehicle to place them in a bank bag. She then advised that she drove to the bank and made the deposits, but didn’t wait for a receipt or notice one missing because she was on her way to the business office to speak with a supervisor about the check writing incident. The woman said that she then discovered that she left one of the deposits in her black bag and decided to steal the money and used it to pay bills, including outstanding debts to drug dealers. The woman agreed to give a voluntary written statement. She was charged with theft of property and was transported to a Faulkner County jail.

• Police arrested a 34-year-old Vilonia man for public intoxication near South Hampton Drive on Monday after several callers reported a suspicious person running through yards and jumping fences. Officers located the man behind a home on Pickwicket Drive. According to the report, the man was sweating profusely and his eyes were "bloodshot, bug-eyed and watery." The man was reportedly discovered "bouncing around ... grinding his teeth and cursing." The report says the man also "downed a bottle of Jack Daniels" in front of the officer before throwing it to the ground. After being ordered to the ground himself, the man was taken into custody without incident. Following the reading of his Miranda rights, the man reportedly admitted to having snorted methamphetamine. Police recovered from several residences "a few items of clothing" the man had lost along the way. He was transported to Conway Regional Medical Center to be cleared by a doctor before being booked into a Faulkner County jail.