Followup: Guy-Perkins Superintendent David Westenhover said he was placed in handcuffs at the school Wednesday by deputies with the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office. He said he was taken to the office's Criminal Investigations Division for questioning and released.


Second update: Faulkner County Sheriff's Office Sgt. David Hall said the office's Criminal Investigations Division questioned Guy-Perkins Superintendent David Westenhover in connection with an investigation.

Sheriff's Maj. Andy Shock said the investigation is related to stolen weapons and property.

According to Hall, deputies executed a search warrant at the superintendent's home, which is on school grounds.

Hall said the superintendent's son is part of the investigation, and that Westenhover's son lives with his father on school property.

Some information conflicts with information provided earlier by Guy Police Chief Dave Martini, who stated the superintendent was arrested by CID.

Martini said his department assisted in the arrest, and that Westenhover was "transported to Faulkner County CID."


Previous update:

Guy-Perkins Superintendent David F. Westenhover was arrested on school property before students were released for the day Wednesday, according to Guy Police Chief Dave Martini.

Martini said his department assisted Faulkner County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division, who conducted the arrest.

Sheriff's Maj. Andy Shock said a search warrant was executed at Westenhover's residence, which is on school grounds, as a result of an investigation into stolen weapons and property.

Shock said Westenhover and investigators are in interviews, and no more information is available at this time.

"We're at the point where we can't get any more details right now," he said.

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