An investigation by the Arkansas State Police into allegations of paperwork fraud by Mayflower Police Chief Billy Baker has been turned over to prosecutors for review, 20th Judicial Prosecutor Cody Hiland said on Thursday.

Baker was suspended with pay in October pending the outcome of the investigation into allegations that Baker submitted fraudulent paperwork for a radar speed gun class and test for his department, claiming that officers took the 16-hour class and passed the test when they did neither.

The certified course is a requirement for any law enforcement officer who uses a radar gun to monitor speeds of vehicles on highways or other roads.

Two sheets are required to be signed by the police chief, one for those attending the class and one for passing the test. It is alleged that no one from the department took the test and the police chief signed both sheets of paper and turned them into the state police.
If proven true, anyone who was issued a ticket for speeding by use of a radar gun by a Mayflower police officer could be able to contest the ticket and either not pay the fine or be issued restitution.

Sgt. Jeremy Hanson is serving as interim police chief until a hearing set for Nov. 22.

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