VILONIA — Students may begin attending a new Intermediate School to be built in the Vilonia School District as early as the 2014 school year.

The Vilonia Board of Education approved Nabholz Construction Services as the construction manager for the building project following a recommendation by a selection committee Monday. Board member Mark Samuelson voiced his support saying he is pleased with the "comfort level and transparency that Nabholz brings."

Nabholz has served as the manager on at least two other projects with the district. It was said that once the building portion of the project begins, it could be completed within 14 to 16 months. The initial work will begin, according to Nabholz President Brad Hegeman and vice-president Jake Nabholz, shortly after the first of the year.

Jack Truemper of Stephens & Associates, a Little Rock bonding company who represents the school, was also in attendance at the meeting. Truemper congratulated the district regarding the Sept. school election where a one-cent sales tax was approved by voters to build the school. He also said his company had achieved "great success," regarding the bond sale held last week.

"I am very, very pleased," he said. "You received a great aggressive bid and the payments will be lower than what we expected."

The bonds for the construction projects, Truemper said, sold on Nov. 6, at an effective interest rate of just over 2.86 percent for the 30-year life of the bond issue. The district will receive more than $7 million to go toward construction on the school and safe rooms at both the primary school and the high school when the issue closes on Nov. 28.

A formality, the board approved a resolution authorizing the issuance and delivery of bonds. Bids will go out on the safe room at the primary on Dec. 6, Nabholz representatives said, and work could begin in January with it being completed in eight months. Work on the safe room at the high school began in the summer and that project is nearing completion, said Dr. Frank Mitchell, school superintendent.

Other business by the board included:

• A recommendation from Mitchell, the board approved a $400 bonus for all full-time employees. Half-time employees will receive $200. Full-time bus drivers will receive $200 bonuses. No person will receive more than one bonus or more than $400. The bonuses will be paid on a separate check about Dec. 15.

• Approved a bid of $19,940 to H&H Asphalt Paving Company for work on a road at the Primary School.

• Set substitute pay for occupational and physical therapists at $315 per day.

• Approved spending $250,000 on technology including purchasing some classroom equipment and adding an additional employee to the technology department. The board also discussed in length some electrical problems they are encountering including varying voltages. It was said that Entergy is performing an analysis to see what can be done to take care of the problem.

• Discussed an adjustment in the student policy where parents will be notified at the half-way point to a student reaching allowed absences.

• Approved the purchase of a 90 by 30 foot metal building with about $4,000 to be paid out of athletic department funding.