A woman who had lost her wallet wound up being arrested after the officer who tried to locate her discovered a warrant for her.

Police made contact with a woman Wednesday in regards to found property. The woman said she located a silver bifold woman's wallet behind a duplex on Pierce Street. The officer opened up the wallet and found two dollar bills as well as an EBT card and a driver's license. The officer was unable to locate the woman through Police Pak and ran her name through ACIC in order to get a valid address. When he did, however, he found out that she was wanted by the Mayflower Police Department.

The officer contacted the woman to return her wallet, but when he told her that there was a warrant from Mayflower, she disputed it, saying she had made all her payments, but she was late on a few of them.

After dispatch conformed the warrant, the officer attempted to arrest the woman, but she tried to walk away. The officer told her to place her hands behind her back, but she refused. The officer then grabbed her arm and began to twist it behind her back. After the first handcuff was placed on her wrist, she was able to slip out of it. The officer noted that this happened twice. The third time, he placed the handcuff on her wrist and tightened it down. A second set of handcuffs were placed on her wrists as well.

She was taken into custody and charged with refusal to submit to arrest in addition to the fugitive warrant out of Mayflower.