A warrant has been issued for Mayflower Police Chief Billy Paul Baker in connection with fraud involving the submission of paperwork for certification testing.

According to an affidavit, a Mayflower officer made a complaint to the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards saying he had never attended a radar certification class that was supposed to be given by Baker and fellow officer Kyle Watkins. When a request was made by CLEST for the certification, Baker provided documents stating that seven officers had attended the class, but representatives from CLEST made inquiries and found out that at least two officers did not attend the class. 

Baker later said in a news release that "they held radar training and all but two officers on the roster attended." He said he turned in a full roster but the problem was fixed once they found the mistake. 

An investigation found that three officers who were noted as being in the class on Nov. 28 and Nov. 29 were actually working the streets with Baker. Later, all seven officers told representatives of CLEST that they had not taken the radar course.

The certified course is required for any law enforcement officer who uses a radar gun to monitor speeds of vehicles on highways or other roads. Two sheets are required to be signed by the police chief, one for those attending the class one for passing the test. The accusation is that no one from the department took the test and the police chief signed both sheets of paper and turned them into the state police.