A Conway man was arrested at his residence Saturday after his wife revealed to deputies the existence of a moonshine still in an outside shed at the home.

According to a report by the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were dispatched to a home on Able Lane Saturday after a woman reported a domestic disturbance at the home.

At the residence, a woman identified as Lauren Cothern, 31, told a deputy that her husband, identified as Kevin Frank Cothern, 36, was behind her in his car attempting to leave the scene.

Cothern told the deputy her husband had a moonshine distillery set up and that there were "probably drugs in the house."

Both parties consented to a search of the premises, including the home, outbuildings and the husband’s Mercedes.

The deputy located a portion of a disassembled distillery in the trunk of the car. According to the report, the hoses still contained a clear liquid.

At the residence, the woman told deputies she had taken photos of her husband attempting to disassemble the distillery just prior to the deputy’s arrival.

Investigators noted the smell of moonshine outside of a shed on the property and discovered components of the broken-down distillery inside of it.

Deputies also discovered an empty box of Mason jars, a propane tank, multiple buckets with clear liquid residue inside of them and an empty beer keg with burn residue on the bottom, indicating it had been heated with an unknown heat source.

A search of the home revealed multiple Mason jars around the kitchen sink with a small amount of clear liquid in the bottom and a 55-gallon barrel with an air lock and a clear hose coming from the top of it.

On Feb. 11, Cothern was booked into Faulkner County Jail and charged with manufacture and possession, a class D felony; and procuring liquor for another, punishable by a fine of no less than $100 and no more than $500.

According to state statute, a person is guilty of manufacture and possession if they "... own (or) possess ... any illicit still, still worm, or any apparatus ... designed for the unlawful manufacture of spirituous, vinous, or malt liquor; (or) manufacture or engage in the manufacture of spirituous, vinous, or malt liquor in the State of Arkansas without obtaining a license to do so from the State of Arkansas and the United States."

A call to prosecutors was not immediately returned Monday.

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