The attorney speaking for the family of John Raines IV, who was shot by police Sunday after he allegedly charged a Conway officer with a knife, said Raines is in critical care with seven bullet wounds.

Charles Schlumberger said Raines was struck with five bullets, two of which caused entry and exit wounds.

"He had a bullet that struck him in the left mandible, his jaw, and it exited under his nose. He was struck by another bullet in his right humerus, an upper arm bone. That has been fractured and will be surgically repaired," Schlumberger said.

Schlumberger said Raines' spine was also struck by a bullet.

He said the family is waiting to hear the prognosis associated with that injury.

Raines, 21, sustained multiple gunshot wounds when he was shot by police outside of Plaza Pointe Apartments Sunday afternoon when Raines reportedly lunged at a Conway police officer following an alleged altercation with a roommate and stabbing inside their ground-floor apartment.

Police said Raines continued to charge the officer despite being tazed.

Conway Police Department's public information officer said this is when officers fired on Raines.

Raines' roommate, Nathan Dodson, 28, sustained a superficial wound and refused treatment, according to police.

The Conway Police Department has said officers responded appropriately in the incident.