Acxiom, the global marketing technology and services company founded in Conway, has a new logo to coincide with a coming branding strategy.

A blue, block-letter logo that bore the company’s name is replaced with sleeker, silver lettering and a small circular graphic.

The logo was on the company’s website Thursday after spokesman Wyatt Jefferies said the rebranding was made public at an Acxiom invitation-only client forum in New York City.

"The rebrand is an expression of our new powerful reality and reflects our strategy of connecting people, business and their partners. We are ramping up investment in product innovation, and have recently launched two products," said Jefferies. "We want to make 1:1 marketing at scale, with privacy best practices, a reality."

The logo and strategy come a week after Facebook announced a partnership with Acxiom in which Acxiom and Facebook would share information to target users of the social network with specific advertisements based on data harvested by Acxiom.

Someone who recently searched the Internet for a new vehicle, for example, would be targeted with automotive dealership ads.

In a media release, Facebook assured private information would not be shared with marketers.

Jefferies said Thursday the new logo and branding strategy will reflect Acxiom’s "unique ability to create better connections" for clients.

"We are excited about this change and estimate that it will take 6-8 months to fully complete all of our signage, collateral and communications to the new brand," he said.

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