GREENBRIER — After holding off a month, the Greenbrier Planning Commission approved the expansion of the commercial additions to EKC’s Flea Market.

Eddie McPherson, of Greenbrier, appeared first with revised plans for a commercial addition to two lots on Lieblong Hill. McPherson owns EKC’S Flea Market located next to the pharmacy in the shopping center on the corner of Main and Highway 65, and he explained that he needs a better configuration of space for his business and is planning to build a brand new building with better parking allotments on the land next to the motel. After his request was not approved at the June meeting, the commission decided that had all the necessary revisions and notations added. Their only request was to keep informed of his planned signage to be used. McPherson said he is eager to start construction and be in his new building by the end of the year before his present lease expires.

A preliminary plat was presented by Tim Tyler on behalf of Jimmy Reynolds for approximately 14 to 15 new homes on the top of Horseshoe Mountain, about one-half mile past Shady Grove on the left side. This is a proposed Phase I. The septic plans are almost finalized by the Arkansas Health Department and two houses have already been started in line with the Health Department’s approval. The addition will lie within the jurisdiction of the Greenbrier Planning Commission, but water will be supplied by the City of Wooster.

Tyler explained, "They are dealing with bed rock foundations and old rubber tires for fill so lot sizes will vary to allow for proper drainage." Commissioner Rowlett said, "Rather than deal with the cheap, easy way out to solve drainage problems by making the owners give up their land to allow proper drainage, put the drains down property lines so not to interfere with the lots." He and the Committee offered better ways to solve the drainage problems of the land. Tyler said they would revisit drainage to see where they can do better saying, "Reynolds wanted to keep a natural flow with the lay of the land, but these few changes would make drainage even better."

The Commission unanimously approved the preliminary plat of this subdivision.

Tyler, speaking for Jesse Ellison, also presented a final plat of a subdivision called Elizabeth’s Replat. The property lays East of Highway 65, near Cedar Street and Blair Road, before you get to Mary Drive. The plan calls for building five houses on once was platted in 2008 with only two lots and an access road. This replat will use the same access road called Mary Drive and is now three lots. Much discussion ensued over sharing access on lots 9R and 10. The Commission unanimously approved the Replat but asked them to do away with the shared access. The city has already agreed to put in a fire hydrant.

The Greenbrier Planning Commission’s next meeting is scheduled for Aug. 19 at 6:30 p.m. in the Municipal Building located on Wilson Farm Road.