GREENBRIER — U.S. News and World Report ranked Greenbrier High School number five in the state of Arkansas out of 319 high schools this year. They ranked in the top 5.2 percent of public high schools in the nation and earned a title of "Silver Medal School" in Arkansas. When school starts Aug. 19, you will see some new faces and some faces in different spots. You may also miss some faces.

Susan Jackson was the Principal of Greenbrier High School for four years and has been in the Greenbrier School District for eight years. It is now official that Jackson has moved into the District office as Director of College and Career Readiness—a spot created just for her to add her talent to the whole district.

"Whatever it takes" is a motto of the District that permeates their whole fiber, from the maintenance people, to the academics, to their athletics, and their social causes. This year has seen some changes in Principals in every one of their six schools, except for one. Congratulations to the following Educators who have moved into Principal jobs in the District.

John Ashworth — a level-headed, easy-to-talk-with kind of guy who is now Principal of Greenbrier High School — moved up from Principal of the Greenbrier Junior High School and will continue to be a valuable asset with the older students.

Jason Miller is the new Principal of Greenbrier Junior High School. He was in the Vilonia school system administration before coming to Greenbrier last year as Assistant Principal under Susan Jackson. He is starting his tenth year in education.

Kelli Martin moves to Greenbrier Middle School Principal from Wooster Elementary School Principal. With 570 students to lead, she has started a new program for her students. She will give special recognition to a student each week for showing outstanding effort in leadership and Panther Pride.

Tally Mars has been in education for seventeen years and is delighted to move into the Principal’s spot at Wooster Elementary School. Mars was the Assistant Principal at Wooster and is delighted to remain in this beautiful new "green" school and show it off. "I love the green aspect of our school and we will even be starting a little garden that will be controlled by our fourth graders this year."

Stephanie Worthey (formerly Newland) was married over the summer and is ecstatic to remain in her same spot as Principal of Westside Elementary School. She has been in education for thirteen years and this is her fifth year at Westside. She says, "The kids are the best part of being at Westside and I missed them over the summer."

Christie Toland comes to Eastside Elementary School as their new Principal from Morrilton and Searcy school districts with six years in administrative positions. She said, "I heard this was thee place to be! I’m delighted to be here."

Other changes within the district will see the send-off of favorite teachers who will be missed this fall. Retiring teachers with over ten years in education are: Susan Baker, over 40 years in teaching; Amy Hammett, 13 years in education; Tommy Hunt, 10 years in education; Jason Johnson went to another district with 17 years in education; Rebecca Roberts retired with 23 years in education; Todd Edwards went to Conway Junior High School as Principal; Jeff Hart moved on with 16 years in education; Donna Koone, 35 years in education; Donna Allensworth, 37 years in education; Sonya Alvey Barker moved to another school district with 20 years in education; and Deanna Glover, 26 years in education. Congratulations to those who have moved on.