Conway Christian School announced Tuesday the private kindergarten through 12th-grade school will not adhere to Common Core State Standards, but administrators will first watch how it is implemented at other schools.

Arkansas adopted the education initiative in 2010, and public schools transitioned kindergarten through second-grade in the 2011-2012 school year.

Grades three through eight adopted the standards in 2012-2013, and remaining grades are expected to make the transition this school year.

The Common Core Standards provide a guide of expectations in mathematics and English disciplines for certain grade levels, an effort to standardize education in the United States.

Conway Christian’s board president Richard Henley said school leaders will monitor the status of the Common Core Standards’ implementation and assess its benefits to students.

"CCS has always strived to maintain high academic standards, so after much research, discussion and prayer, we will not be converting to the Common Core State Standards," said Gloria Massey, chief administrator. "The level of our program is already set to a high level of excellence, and we will only implement standards that will increase this rigor."

Henley said he thinks it is possible the state’s participation in the Common Core could be repealed, "as they are in the early stages of researching it."

Lawmakers in some states have worked against the transition to the Common Core, while lawmakers in other states that have already begun the transition appear to be taking a longer look.

Minnesota, Virginia, Texas, Alaska and Nebraska are the only states that have not begun the transition.

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