GREENBRIER — The Greenbrier City Council voted unanimously to purchase ten acres of land immediately east of the softball complex out Highway 225 East for $63,000.   Mayor Melton Cotton said, "This is a good thing for the future use of our parks system."

Tim Tyler reported the new city waste water project is moving right along. The hole is now completely dug and the laying of gravel and pouring of concrete walls is now underway. Mike Rowlett, Supervisor on the job for NBMC Contractors from Springhill said, "We have only just begun the pouring of the 23 foot walls that will be going on for the next two to three weeks."

The unlivable burned out house at 15-01 Louise Lane has been a neighborhood nuisance for over a year without any action taken by the owners to remove or repair it in spite of complaints and previous requests by the city to repair it or bring it up to code. The owners, listed as a family part of an estate, were served with another notice on August 22. Council unanimously agreed the owner will have thirty days to comply at their cost or the City will hire a contractor to demolish the building, sell off what is salvageable, and bill the owners the difference.

Randy Higgins, Justice of the Peace District 2 and Chairman of the Public Safety Committee in Quorum Court updated the Council on talking plans to implement a way to control nuisance animals in the County.   $751,000 has been raised in the last six years from the voluntary tax paid by citizens of Greenbrier, which is not enough to build their own shelter. The estimated cost for a new shelter is between 1.2 and 1.6 million dollars. Conway has the only shelter in the County and is receptive to talks about partnering with surrounding cities.

A draft of a new Animal Control Ordinance is being vetted by the County Sheriff’s office, Faulkner County Humane Society, Arkinpaws, Spay/neuter clinics, other cities and other combined groups. This draft was presented to Council for their thoughts. Since Greenbrier officers run animal calls now that waste time on visits they can do nothing about, the time seems to have arrived for an Animal Control Ordinance. Higgins pointed out, "When your dog gets off your property and gets into another person’s business, that’s when the agencies will step in. If you maintain control of your own animal, then the County won’t need to step in."