There are abundant ways to offer support to cancer victims, one being a fund-raiser to ease the pain of horrendous costs associated with fighting the disease.

So the host of friends of Dana Lyn Moore and her husband, Scott — and there are a multitude out there — are currently in the midst of cancer warfare, moving their big guns up to cope in this fight by planning a fundraiser for Saturday, Oct. 12, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Greenbrier Middle/Junior High School cafeteria.

Orchestrating the event are compassionate associates of the Moores in the Faulkner County Courthouse. Mrs. Moore is employed there as a probation officer, and here is where the inspiration for the fundraiser was born. Probation officers and employees of the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office are leading the charge.

Cancer alone is a frightening menace; cancer in pairs in almost unthinkable. And that is where the Moores find themselves at this moment.

They were diagnosed with cancer about six weeks apart and have been battling the disease to the utmost. It was last March when Scott learned the horrifying news of cancer; and his wife became another victim in May.

For the moment, considerable concentration is being targeted on the fundraiser that is only days away. All the elements for creating funds to be used for this cancer fight are being thrown into the fray.

One member of the Faulkner County Sheriffs office put it succinctly: "One member of the family suffering with cancer is bad enough, but two? " his voice almost cracking with emotion,

Mrs. Moore has a plethora of friends in the law enforcement trade, working herself many years as a probation officer. Her husband is a truck driver with a Little Rock concern. While they are domiciled in Conway, much of both families have strong ties to Greenbrier.

Thus the site for the fundraiser which, in flyers inundating the county, are urging the population to ‘come and enjoy a good time and bless Scott and Dana Lyn.’

Barbeque and all the "fixin’s" plus a live auction will attend the fundraising. In addition, handmade crafts will be available for sale and entertainment will add to the festivities.

Meanwhile minute attention to the cancer victims continues apace. From each patient have come expressions of hope for good outcomes in their individual battles.

From her hospital room, Mrs. Moore talked in terms of hope as she relived the consequences of the disease that has tortured the family.

"Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma which has moved into my brain and esophageal and prostate cancers that have hit my husband - these are the cancers we are fighting", she said, her voice offering evidence of travail and hope at the same time. "And we are so thankful for all the help everyone is giving us."

As she spoke, it was possible to detect the fact that she is being helped by the natural healing capacity of her body She feels power in the struggle to persevere and the love and hope of others.