Holland Baptist Church

We were proud of our children and youth and their presentation of the Christmas story Sunday evening Dec. 22. They did an excellent job. We were blessed with many visitors and enjoyed a time of food and fellowship with them following the program.

Sunday morning, Dec. 29, Brother Chad Brandon preached from Genesis 39 and following on what made Joseph spiritually successful. He gave us the plan to help us also live spiritually successful lives.

We must face God allowed difficulties. We must have the right perspective. The way we look at things makes all the difference. Nothing happens in our lives that God doesn’t know about. We need to make the most of every situation in which we’re found. Three enemies of productivity are self pity, self pride, and self pleasure. We need to flea Godless desires.

Joseph practiced self-control yielding to the leadership of God. We need to remove ourselves from certain situations. Joseph was doing what God wanted him to do and God was making a success out of his life. His brothers meant their actions for evil but God meant it for good.

The key to living a spiritually successful life is staying true to God. Joseph was the Old Testament picture of Christ. Brother Chad’s message gave us a great plan to follow for a successful new year in the Lord.

Wednesday night we’ll resume our regular schedule for children, youth, and adult activities.

Some of those included on our prayer list are Wanda Rose, Brenda Firestone, Bobie Hendrickson, Shelly Brandon, Skylar, Marsha Brown, and so many others.

We would be blessed if you joined us to hear great preaching and enjoy a wonderful fellowship at Holland Baptist Church.