Step into my den, pull up a comfy chair and a cup of tea and let’s chat.       

My good friend, Vern Daniel, dropped by and we chatted about his garden plans for this year. Yes, now is the time to start your gardening. Whether you want a small patch for your own family or have plans to join the Wooster Farmers Market this spring, you need to be buying and starting some of your seeds and laying out boundaries for your garden now. Last year, Vern brought us the most delicious canned dill pickles and sweet pickles that came from his garden, and is already planning to enlarge his space with better fencing to keep out the 4-footed thieves. I get excited just hearing about his plans. A tip from my other gardener friend, Joan Hanna: save your crushed egg shells to add to the garden for protein and mulch. I already have a half gallon bag saved. If you haven’t started your garden already, get out those seed catalogs, measure your space and get started.

In just 26 days, Super Bowl Sunday mania will take over most households in America. It is scheduled for February 2 in East Rutherford, N.J. to determine the champion for the 2013 National Football League season. Fox will air this event in the USA along with no less than 15 other international broadcasters. It will be the first Super Bowl to be played outdoors in a cold weather environment and the first in which two US states, New York and New Jersey, will work together as hosts. Recognize the $4 million price tag for thirty seconds of commercial time is up from last year’s $3.8 million tag and you begin to get the idea that something special is happening!                   

There will be a tad less junk food and a few more better-for-you food ads; but personally, I love the Clydesdale horses always featured in memorable ads and cannot wait to see them again. Whether you will watch this event from the comfort of your own arm chair or get on a ship that holds 5,000 guests planned for that day in the New York harbor, join fans in tail-gate parties that will undoubtedly be cold outside, take your very expensive seat in the stadium, or just head for the movies because you hate football, Super Bowl Sunday has become an icon in American party celebrations. At my house we will put sliders on the warming tray, provide plenty of chips and dips and many pick-up foods along with plenty of drinks for the day and settle in to cheer for your favorite team or advertisement. Sometimes it’s just as much fun to cheer for the ads. Let’s hope they don’t have to play in snow like so many of our games this year. Enjoy your party and drop me a line to tell me about it.            

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