HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE, Ark. (KTHV) - Arkansas' freezing temperatures were made even worse for some Monday night who were without power in their homes.

"This morning we had some stress on the system from extreme cold temperatures," said Entergy Arkansas spokeswoman Sally Graham on Monday. "Today's issue was really a situation of load on our actual system and our facilities... Extreme cold conditions are not good for anybody, we are very in tune with our customers who are without power."

Graham said around nine-thousand customers lost power on Monday including Geno and Jessica Lewis in Hot Springs Village. They, along with their three children ages 5, 8 and 9, stayed warm next to the fireplace as the kids played cards in the dark by the light of flashlights and headlamps.

"Very thankful, very thankful, keeping my family warm," said Jessica Lewis as the light from the fire flickered behind her.

"I want to watch the championship game," added Geno, hoping the power came back on in time for kickoff in the BCS National Championship (which it did). "I just want to see Gus Malzahn win."

Technicians at the Entergy Arkansas Transmission Operations Center in Little Rock stayed busy throughout the deep freeze by monitoring the status of the transmission system and dispatching linemen in the field for repairs. Still, because of the cold weather, it may take longer than usual to restore power in some areas.

"We understand how difficult it is to be without power and our crews are working on it as quickly and as safely as possible," added Graham.