The Central Arkansas Planning and Development District Board has awarded $182,284 in grants to 10 of our local Rural Volunteer Fire Departments. These RVFDs serve the residents of House District 40, which encompasses North Pulaski and South Faulkner Counties. The RVFDs and the amounts awarded are:

Beaverfork RVFD$18,034

Oak Grove RVFD$18,250.

North Pulaski RVFD$18,250

Gravel Ridge RVFD$18,250.

Runyon Acres RVFD$18,250

Saltillo RVFD$18,250.

Highway 286 RVFD$18,250

Cato RVFD$18,250.

Liberty RVFD$18,250

Mayflower RVFD$18,250.

The grants were funded by an Arkansas General Assembly 2013 General Improvement Fund appropriation to each House and Senate District. Rep. Mark Perry, Rep. Mark Lowry and Rep. Douglas House coordinated the recommendations so as to assist the cities of Jacksonville and Maumelle, and the Fire Districts, parts of which those men each represent.

"In traveling my House District, I am impressed with the dedication of our Firefighters," House said. "With a minimum of resources, they invest their time and personal money to buy parts, material, equipment and supplies to work on their stations and maintain their equipment. They train like soldiers to go in harm’s way to protect us with no expectation but to save lives and property. It was an honor to recommend these grants.

"Our Rural Volunteer Fire Departments need young people seeking adventure, comradeship and challenge. Our Firefighters rescue people from accidents, administer first aid, clear roads after storms, barricade flooded roads, as well as fight fires. I believe that each of us owes service to the nation, state, or community, and to serve a good greater than our own. While the military usually comes to mind, serving as a Firefighter is equally honorable and rewarding service."