Thursday night, the Conway County Quorum Court unanimously passed an ordinance for a special election March 11 to levy a one-fourth cent sales tax for five years to attract jobs to Conway County.

According to Brandon Baker, President and CEO of the Morrilton Area Chamber of Commerce and Conway County Economic Development Corporation, "the residents of Conway County have been very vocal on the need for new jobs in the area. We take the needs of our community seriously and are actively seeking funding that will allow Conway County to remain competitive in the job creation and retention market."

If passed, the tax will be used to recruit new jobs to Conway County and assist existing business and industry with training and expansion needs. The tax is expected to generate an estimated $4.25 million over a five-year period and would expire unless reauthorized by voters.

"Every penny raised will be used to bring new jobs into the county." Baker said.

The funds would be used as a recruitment tool to attract businesses to Conway County, train workforce for new and existing business, develop infrastructure such as water, sewer, gas, electric and rail and obtain options on property for new business development.

A five-person economic development board appointed by the Conway County Quorum Court would administer the funds. All meetings of the board will be open to the public and subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

"Conway County has river, rail and freeway instant access," Baker said. "Communities all across the United States envy our location and transportation assets. This funding will allow Conway County to seek out major job creators and compete at a global level to offer more opportunities to the residents of Conway County."

For more information about the job creation initiative you can contact Brandon Baker with the Morrilton Area Chamber of Commerce at 501-354-2393 or email at