Palarm Chapel Baptist Church held a women’s retreat Jan. 25. Three generations of Dr. Emma Kelly-Rhodes’ family — mother, daughter and granddaughter — spoke to more than 110 women, in the A. L. Perkins Family Life Center of Palarm Chapel Baptist Church; located at 795 Highway 365 South in Mayflower. P. E. Davenport serves as Pastor.

The presentations of the three presenters, Dr. Emma Kelly-Rhodes, the mother; Minister, Patricia Rhodes-Johnson, the daughter; and Minister, Ashley Johnson-Cross, the granddaughter, responded to the theme: "Forgetting the Past to Build Christ-Centered Relationships." These three generations modeled potential outcomes for others to follow. The worship experience in the retreat carried over to the Sunday Morning worship services.

A medley of music was provided for lunch by men of the Palarm Chapel Church Music Department; Mr. Larry Jenkins, Master Marcello Hoskins, Master Patrick Randall, directed by Rev. Samuel.

The Palarm Chapel Church Women’s Mission Ministry is making a special effort to reach younger women in this generation to prepare for future leadership. Plenty of food and fellowship enhanced the retreat. Sister Bob is president elect for 2014.