A felony charge against a former Faulkner County jail officer was dropped after a nolle prosequi order was filed Thursday in Faulkner County Circuit Court.

The charge of furnishing prohibited articles, a class C felony, was dropped due to lack of "sufficient evidence to prove the charge contained in the felony information and therefore moves for its dismissal," the order states.

Brianne Pickard, 25, of Greenbrier, was charged with the offense July 31. According to the prosecutor’s affidavit, Pickard allowed an inmate to receive a $50 money order, cologne and pack of T-shirts. The affidavit states Pickard admitted to mailing the items to the inmate and signing the money order.

Pickard was a corporal at the time of the alleged incident, according to the affidavit.

"Any article not authorized nor issued to an offender as personal or state property, nor purchased through the facility commissary or items defined as nuisance contraband," the affidavit states.

Before the nolle prosequi order, Pickard was set for jury trial before Circuit Judge Ed Clawson on Feb. 11. If Pickard had been convicted of furnishing prohibited articles, she would have faced three to 10 years in prison.

According to Pickard’s attorney David Cannon, of The Cannon Law Firm in North Little Rock, his client resigned her position at the sheriff’s office June 20, more than a month before the charge was filed.

In an email Thursday afternoon, Maj. John Randall also confirmed the June 20 resignation, and said it occurred while questioning Pickard "about several policy violations."

Cannon said he and his client have begun work on a civil case against the sheriff’s office, and hope to file a lawsuit within 30 days.

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