Mayflower Volunteer Fire Department

How long has the fire department been established in the city? The fire department was established in 1975.

What do you remember about the days surrounding the oil spill? The MVFD had Fire and Rescue trucks out around town for the first 72 hours after the spill to help with anything that needed to be done to prevent the oil from going into the lake. The MVFD along with OEM/911 set up a command post at the Mayflower City Hall to assist anyone that needed help, had questions or concerns.

What was your level of concern about the environmental damage? What about the smell? How did it look? We knew right away that if the oil got to the lake it’d be a disaster. As far as what it looked like it was a black, thick-like substance. The smell was just awful, and there was no getting away from it for a while.

What about the response from officials and from Exxon? The city officials, Fire Department and Street Department reacted immediately, which headed off a real disaster and saved the lake.

The county OEM/911 was there quickly along with the County Judge Allen Dodson and Mayor Holland. Exxon Mobile had a representative from Conway on site within the first hour of the oil spill and other Exxon Mobile officials responded within the first eight hours of the spill.

What has the past year been like around town? How quickly did things get back to normal? Things started to get back to normal around town after the first of the year; after all of the construction work was finished, demolition was over and remediation started.

How has your life been affected by this over the past year? It has opened our eyes up to the need for more Educational Programs, Haz-mat Programs and more training opportunities to our department. As a fire department we are always planning for more training and ways to improve the MVFD.

Do you feel confident about the future in Mayflower? Very confident. Mayflower is a very family orientated town, with great schools, churches, business and city officials.