• Harassment at 440 block of Par Fore Drive. 

Police were dispatched to the area for a report of a male going door to door soliciting. According to the person reporting, the subject became pushy and confrontational when she did not make a purchase. 

Officers made contact with the subject and found he had a warrant out of Georgia for soliciting without a permit, but he was outside of the department's extradition limits. 

Other subjects in the area approached responding officers and reported the man soliciting had just been at their residence and was being aggressive. 

According to the subjects, when they refused to make a purchase, the man soliciting took out his phone and began taking photos of them. The subjects were afraid because the man had a photo of them and he knew where they lived. 

The subjects told police their neighbor had called them and said she had just encountered the man soliciting and he scared her. 

Police left the area after telling the man to stop or be issued citations for harassment and criminal trespass, but returned again when they received another call from another reporting person who said the man was jiggling door handles to see if doors would open when residents didn't answer the door. 

The man was given a warning by police, and he left the area, according to the report.