Jury selection began in Clinton on Friday for the trial of former UCA administrator Jack Gillean.

Gillean, UCA’s former chief of staff, is accused of giving a student friend a "master key" to university offices, where in 2012 the student took professors’ tests and, in one instance, a UCA administrator’s prescription medicine.

Gillean faces several counts of commercial burglary as well as felony insurance fraud and a misdemeanor false financial statement charge.

Voir dire, or jury selection, was originally scheduled for earlier this week but was rescheduled until the snow melted off the roads in Clinton. The trial is being held in Clinton after a successful motion for change of venue by Gillean’s attorneys.

Gillean is being represented by attorneys Nicki Niccolo, Sam Perroni and Tim Dudley. Deputy prosecutors Joan Shipley and Troy Braswell represent the state.

The trial is scheduled to begin on Monday.